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Test Species Sample In State Price Lab Test Days or Turnaround Time Comments
More Tick PCR Panel w/ Lyme C6 Serum, 1ml and EDTA Whole Blood 2 Tubes $125.00 / $116.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 5 Days Referred Test: Idexx
More Res-Cortisol, 3 Samples Serum, 1ml Baseline, Serum, 1ml Pre, Serum, 1ml Post $45.00 / $45.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 2 Days In-house, $45.00
More Anti-GAD Serum, 2ml $303.91 / $303.91 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 14 Days Referred Test: Quest Labs
More Water Quality Analysis (Full) Water $10.00 / $10.00 Stoneville ARDL 1 Day
More Blasto & Histo by AGID - MVRDL Serum, 1.0 ml $33.00 / $33.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 5 Days Referred Test - MVRDL
More Cyclosporin (Double) EDTA Whole Blood, 2ml $140.00 / $140.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 5 Days Referred Test: Auburn University
More Biopsy (short) fixed tissue $60.00 / $60.00 MVRDL 2-3 working days for well fixed tissues with no special processing needed. Single site or tissue; masses are considered separate sites; multiple skin punch biopsies considered single site; allow more processing time for unfixed samples, bone, digits, whole organs. Additional Slide charge = $5 and Additional Site = $20 (both at pathologist's discretion). Diagnosis and comment only. Lymphoma diagnosis add $40.