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Test Species Sample In State Price Lab Test Days or Turnaround Time Comments
More Brucella, Sheep & Caprine Ovine, Caparine Serum, 1ml $54.00 / $47.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 5 Days Referred Test: TVMDL
More Foot and Mouth Disease PCR porcine Oronasal swab, Serum, tissue $40.00 / $40.00 MVRDL 2 days
More Occult Blood Feces $15.00 / $15.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 4 Hours
More Occult Heartworm 4Dx canine Serum or EDTA Whole Blood, 1.0 ml $22.00 / $22.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 4 hours Test detects antibodies for Dirofilaria immitis (heartworm), Anaplasma phagocytophilum, Anaplasma platys, Lyme (Borrelia burgdorferi), Ehrlichia canis, and Ehrlichia ewingii.
More Ovarian Tumor hCG Stimulation Equine Serum, 1ml $125.00 / $125.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 1 Week Referred Test: BET Lab
More Q Fever (CF) Ovine, Bovine, Caprine Serum, 2ml $53.00 / $18.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 2 Weeks Referred Test: NVSL
More Scrapie - Codon, Ovine Ovine EDTA Whole Blood - 2-3 ml $51.00 / $11.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 5 Days Referred Test: Gene Check Greeley, CO Shipping cost included in first test price.
More Small Ruminant Biosecurity Screen - WADDL Ovine, Caprine Red top blood, 3ml $70.00 / $30.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 5 Days Referred Test: WADDL
More Virus Isolation (cell culture) all One or more of the following: 2-5 g fresh tissue, 0.5-1 mL semen, 5-10 mL EDTA or heparin whole blood, swabs from affected area(s), other samples as deemed appropriate by submitter and/or professional staff. $47.00 / $47.00 MVRDL 14-21 days. Test run on Tuesday. Referral: TVMDL.