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Test Species Sample In State Price Lab Test Days or Turnaround Time Comments
More Toxic Elements-Feed/Other All Feed $117.00 / $117.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 2 Weeks Referred Test: Mich State
More Trichomonas Culture avian trich pouch $48.00 / $48.00 PRDL 5 business days *Do not send sample on ice or put in refrigerator.*
More Ureaplasma Culture All Lung Tissue, TTW, Urine, Uterine, Vaginal, Cervical, Semen, Body Fluid, Eye, Ear $83.00 / $78.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 5 - 10 Days Referred Test - Cornell
More Uric Acid Avian, Reptile Serum, 1 ml $70.00 / $70.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 5 Days Referral Test: Mich State
More Urine Culture all urine, urine swab $29.40 / $29.40 MVRDL Up to 5 business days Send sample on ice. Sensitivity is $38.85 per organism.
More Viral Genotype all Cell culture, Allantoic Fluid, Tissue $63.00 / $63.00 MVRDL 3 days
More Viral Genotyping avian PCR Product $68.25 / $68.25 PRDL 1 week after PCR amplification. Previous amplification by PCR or RT-PCR is required.
More Virus Isolation (cell culture) all One or more of the following: 2-5 g fresh tissue, 0.5-1 mL semen, 5-10 mL EDTA or heparin whole blood, swabs from affected area(s), other samples as deemed appropriate by submitter and/or professional staff. $48.00 / $48.00 MVRDL 14-21 days. Test run on Tuesday. Referral: TVMDL.
More Virus Isolation: IBV, NDV, Pox, AE, Astro avian IBV and NDV: trachea, cecal tonsils, kidney. Pox: Pox lesions. AE: brain, intestine. Astro: intestine, liver, kidney. $84.00 / $84.00 PRDL 2-3 weeks Viral Isolation in chicken embryos. Charge is per passage.
More Virus Isolation: Reo, Adeno, ILT avian Reo: tendons, intestine, brain. Adeno: liver, kidney. ILT: trachea, eyelids, tracheal or oropharyngeal swab. $52.50 / $52.50 PRDL 3-4 weeks Viral isolation in cell cultures.
More Water Culture avian water $38.70 / $38.70 PRDL Up to 5 business days
More Water Quality Analysis (Full) Water $10.00 / $10.00 Stoneville ARDL 1 Day
More Water Quality-CVM Aquatic Water $15.00 / $15.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 3 Days
More West Nile Virus IgM ELISA all 2 ml serum $18.00 / $18.00 MVRDL 3 days. Test run Monday, Thursday. Referral: NVSL.
More West Nile Virus PCR all Brain, Cerebrospinal fluid, nasal swab $43.50 / $43.50 MVRDL 2 days
More West Nile Virus PCR avian Semen, Tissue $44.65 / $44.65 PRDL 2 days
More pH-Fluids Any Body Fluids $6.00 / $6.00 CVM Diagnostic Laboratory 1 Day